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Membership Benefits

Join TheActorsSource.com and you will be able to search our directory of talent. Find Casting Directors and Agents by name, agency, category, show and more. View in-depth profiles that the casting people themselves have filled out! Keep in contact with casting people all on the site!! Meet, workshop and remind anytime from anywhere!!!

Some casting people will even upload their own scenes to the site. If you have access to a camera you can download a scene of your choice and tape it. The casting director will evaluate the scene and give you a redirect!! Once you do the workshop, the scene will save on your profile and you can send it to other casting People.

You can also send your pretaped demos and performances!! These workshops are your GUARANTEED way to know a casting person and/or agent has watched your work! Plus the evaluations will help you grow and know what to work on for the future!!

As an actor, you can signup for online workshops where you'll receive evaluations and feedback from industry professionals. Create a detailed profile including photos, resume and video. And once you workshop with someone you can email them through the site with reminders! Making postcards and mailings a thing of the past! GO GREEN!!!

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