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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our online casting director workshops and acting evaluations!

Instructional Videos

All basic/standard members of TheActorsSource and YourStudioProductions can set up a profile and upload 1 photo on their profile.

How Long Does it take for my payment to be accepted?

Once you pay for premium membership your account will become active in 24 to 48 hours. You will receive an email stating that payment has been received. This is the same for workshops. Once you pay through paypal your payment will be processed in 24 to 48 hours.
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How do I pay to become a premium member of TheActorsSource.com?

You will follow the prompts and be directed to paypal. If you live in Los Angeles you may pay by credit card or check at the studio but ONLY yearly membership will be accepted and you will still need paypal to pay for workshops.

The Annual Premium Membership fee is $199.00 per year per Premium Member. .

The Monthly Premium Membership fee is $20.00 per month per Premium Member. .
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How Much do the Workshops cost?

All workshops cost $15.00 per workshops.All redirects are $7.50 per redirect.

If we want Extra Photo's or demo reels-Video's?

All memberships come with 10 photos and 10 videos that you can exchange for another at anytime. Extra photo's cost $10.00 each. Extra Demo reels-video's $15.00 each.
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How can I communicate if I have questions?

You can email us at anytime and we will get back to you with in 48 hours.
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How do you create an Actors Profile?

All actors' profiles will be made by the actor,and controlled by the actor. Please make sure the e-mail is printed correctly. This our only source of communication.The profile should be filled out to its fullest.With your Premium Membership you will be allowed to upload up to 10 photo's and 10 demo reel- video's which will be kept in your profile. The actor has the ability to changed or deleted these demo reels-video's and photo's at anytime. All Demo reel's-video's must be under 4 minutes and and file size must be under 20MB. You can use a youtube video as well. You will be allowed to add your you tube video when you send video.

You will also be able to update and print your resume. You can upload a pdf if you wish.

There is no nudity of any kind allowed on this site. If you have nudity in your profile or on your demo reel your membership will be terminated with no refunds.
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How do you submit to an online workshop?

Each Casting Director and Agent will fill out a profile. They will specify the types of actors they would like to see (ex:SAG or Non Union or all) The Actor will be able to search Casting Directors by show and/or film, specific category (ex: comedy, drama, indie) , office or by specific requirements (ex:SAG or non union). We ask that everyone be as specific as possible. And both the Casting People, Agents and Actors will be able to change their profiles as new projects arise.
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How do you search for Casting Director Workshops?

The actor will be able to search by Show, name of casting person, type of project (ex. film, indie film, commercial) or by specifics (ex. SAG ONLY). Once they have selected a suitable Casting Director or Agent to workshop with they will pay the workshop fee ($15 for members) and enter that persons profile. Then the actor can send their Demo or Performance Reel for Evaluation!

* a demo reel can be any pre taped performance
* a performance reel can be a taped monologue or scene with reader off camera. it can be a scene of your choice or one a casting director posts on their profile!

Some of the casting directors profiles will have a selection of scenes (uploaded by the CD) that the actor can read through. Once the scene is selected the actor can take as long as he or she likes to work on the scene. Once the actor is ready they can do 1 of 2 things. Tape the scene them selves w/ a reader that is off camera and upload it to our site. Or the actor can come to our Los Angeles Location and have it taped with one of TheActorsSource.com's team members. Please contact TheActorsSource.com for pricing and DATES or email Michael at rosygreyglasses@gmail.com.

Once your scene is uploaded you can choose to send your scene w/ redirect or with out. Either way you will receive an evaluation from each casting director. However if you would like the opportunity to be redirected there will be an added workshop fee of $7.50.

Again, the actor can also choose to send their Demo Reel only to Casting People and Agents who except those. You will receive an evaluation on your demo reel as part of the online workshop.
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How do you search for Agent Workshops?

The Commercial Agents will be putting up Commercial Copy for the actors to choose from. Or the actors can send a Demo Reel. Their Workshops will run the same way that the Casting Director Workshops Run.

The Theatrical Agents will be seeing demo reels or you can send a scene that you used for one of the Casting Director Workshops. Either way these workshops will run the same way as the Casting Director Workshops.

Submissions for all workshops will include your TheActorsSource.com picture, resume, profile and scene, commercial copy or demo reel. All Evaluations and redirects will be sent to your TheActorsSource.com profile.

All workshop tapes will be saved in your profile under the Casting Directors Name or Agents Name.
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Will I become a Star if I use ASC?

ASC is a website that should be used to learn the business. The site is designed so you can learn how to be a better actor and how to present your selves in a marketable way to industry professionals. You can use the site to ask questions, learn how to improve your demo reels or performances and to network with casting Directors, Agents and Managers. ASC can not make you a Star. No site or school can do this. We can only help you refine your craft!
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Will TheActorsSource.com get me acting work?

TheActorsSource.com does not guarantee anyone work. It does guarantee to put your pictures and videos directly in front of casting directors, producers and agents for evaluation. This process is meant as a learning tool.
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Why does TheActorsSource.com cost money?

TheActorsSource.com is designed so that you can learn from the industry profesionals. We are providing a service and you are paying for the Industry Professionals opinions and critiques of your work.
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How do I know the evaluations are from the actual casting directors?

TheActorsSource.com is affiliated with Your Studio Productions and The Network Studio East. These studios are the leaders in Casting Director workshops in Los Angeles and New York. Both of these studios provide in person workshops with the same guests that are on our site!
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How do I cancel my Membership?

All payments are done through paypal so if you would like to cancel your membership you must go to paypal and cancel subscription. When you join ASC you have 10 days to cancel for a refund. You must email us 10 days from the day you start your membership. If you cancel ten days from the day you register we will issue you a full refund of your membership fees only. You will not receive a refund for workshops that you have participated in. There are no cancellations on workshops. If you would like to cancel a subscription after 10 days then you must cancel before the next billing cycle.
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How long does it take for the industry Pros to do my workshops?

ASC contacts all of our teachers twice a week. Although most teachers on the site do their workshops once a week we ask that you be patient. We do not put a time limit on our teachers because we want them to gibe all workshops their undivided attention. Because of the nature of their jobs some days get busier then others therefore sometimes the workshops can take up to a month to complete.
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What if the industry pro never completes my workshop?

In the event that one of our teachers leaves the business or no longer wishes to complete workshops while you have a workshop pending. We will give you a credit towards any other workshop you wish.
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