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Why TheActorsSource.com Is Right For You

Actors Source.com was created by working actors. As working actors we have learned from our mistakes and would like to pass those lessons on to you. To be successful you need to know the right people, you need to work hard and you need to ask questions!!! TheActorsSource.com makes all of that possible right here.
  • You will know that your submissions are being reviewed
  • You learn from casting professionals that can hire you
  • You start building relationships
  • You have the top people in the industry giving you advice
  • You see what you look like on camera
  • You do it all on your time
  • The Actors Source is Licensed and Bonded by the State of California

TheActorsSource.com is an affordable way to make sure you are being seen by the Casting People and Agents of your choice! You will know they have seen your work because you will receive their feedback! You will get feedback on your work, your demo reels, your headshots and you can even choose to be redirected! You can upload scenes after rehearsing them for 10 minutes or 10 days. You can play them back to make sure you like them before submitting! You will now have a way to workshop from anywhere in the world!! Even when you are not in Hollywood you can be connected with Hollywood. Or better yet if you know a certain Casting Director is working on a project in a state you are in or visiting you can submit to them. Once you workshop with someone you will be able to see their profile. Find out what they like and how to keep in touch with them. Some Casting Directors will even allow you to send them invites through their TheActorsSource.com email! What are you waiting for?? Sign up and start submitting!!!